Bedrijfsfilms laten maken? Dutch Visuals - sinds 2005.
Dubai Visuals is producer of corporate films, product films, animation, mood impressions and commercials. Professional and impressive films, that give impact to your audience.
Corporate films, product films, animation, mood impressions, corporate video, product video, video marketing
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Corporate films

Corporate films are the best communication tools to present your company to your audience. Professional films build confidence in your brand and your company.

Think of the possibility of using corporate films on internet, in your showroom or in your expo booth. Gain extra trust, when the production is filmed by professionals, tightly edited and perfectly presented. Dubai Visuals is your partner in visual excellence.

The possibilities at Dubai Visuals

Corporate film

Corporate films create a great impression of your company. In a short, powerful and pleasant way, you show your identity, location and your team. Essential to let your (potential) customers get acquainted with your organisation, without them having to read all the pages of your website.

Product film

A product film is an excellent way to demonstrate the looks and functions of a product. Not only for existing products, but also for prototypes, which will finally be going in production through the aid of crowdfunding websites. A professional film will result in a higher return on investment.

Mood impression

When you organise an event, you can have that recorded in visuals and audio. The mood impression takes the feeling of being at the event and transfers it to the viewer. This film is not only a great way to keep a memory, but also helps to motivate future participants and visitors for a next event.

Instruction film / -animation

With an instruction film or explanimation it’s easy to explain the way a product works or to simplify a complex proces. Sometimes it’s easier to comprehend a watchable instruction, than to read a multi-page manual. Dubai Visuals creates the instruction film, as every film, completely in accordance to your brand-guide.


A commercial motivates your audience and calls them to action. Think about contacting your company, buying your product in a shop or online, or to make them visit your event. Dubai  Visuals creates commercials for use in movie-theatres, on television, narrowcasting and internet (website, social media, e-mail).

Open ideas

Dubai Visuals also produces other films. Do you have a great idea and you want to have it made visual by means of a professional film? Just contact us and we’ll help you in the entire process. From idea to script, storyboard, moodboard to finding the perfect location and crew.

Dutch Visuals Ralph Behouden

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